THE TERRA PROTOCOL - Orbitmuse Campaign

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

Deep Space Ecology is planning a mission to the International Space Station! We are crowdfunding some of the resources for this endeavor through Orbitmuse. Here's what the mission is all about:

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Launch date: November 2018

Destination: The MISSE System on the exterior of the International Space Station (ISS)

Objective: Perform a new and untested experiment on the ISS Deep Space Ecology, in collaboration with Alpha Space, will be performing a fundamental soil science experiment on the ISS. In all previous and current experimentation aboard the ISS, biological plant experiments are performed using a hydroponics-based system. Instead, our Chief Science Officer Morgan Irons and a number of top researchers from leading universities will be investigating how a soil system functions in Low Earth Orbit. Performing such an experiment will provide researchers with insight into how we can develop and grow robust agricultural ecosystems on the Moon, Mars, and beyond using the geological material, or regolith, on the surfaces of these celestial bodies. Our initial goal is $7000.

Total price will be $20,000, so if people donate enough to get us to $20000 on this initial campaign, so much the better. Toward this end, we are offering VERY SPECIAL REWARDS at the $5000 donation level.

Background: To advance the science and technology of growing food in space to support human settlement, Deep Space Ecology LLC (DSE) has planned a series of agricultural studies that have never been done on the International Space Station (ISS). Toward this end, DSE has formed a world-class Technical Advisory Board and key relationships at Alpha Space Test and Research Alliance, LLC (Alpha Space), Cornell University, Florida Institute of Technology, Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment (Duke), Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Space Technology and Advanced Research Systems, Inc. (STaARS); and The Martian Garden. The entire effort requires substantial funding. Success will be assured by private sources of funding in addition to grants we are pursuing and a planned Earth product line.

The Orbitmuse campaigns are to fund the LEO phases of the science roadmap and space market plan of Deep Space Ecology. This includes a series of experiments to be performed on the ISS, the development of our Solar-Environment Off-World (SEOW) version of our Functional Astro Agronomic Research Modular Lab (FAARM Lab), and the development of our FARM Lab Earth-market model. FAARM Lab will be designed to support our research objectives.

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