Norfolk, VA– Deep Space Ecology’s (DSE) Founder and Chief Science Officer Morgan Irons and CEO Lee Irons are happy to announce that a generous donor has committed to matching dollar-for-dollar all new donations up to $5000 toward DSE’s Orbitmuse crowdfunding campaign goal of $7,000.

The “Terra Protocol” campaign seeks to send groundbreaking soil science experiments to the International Space Station (ISS) to advance the science and technology of agriculture in space. Deep Space Ecology, in collaboration with Alpha Space, will be performing a fundamental soil science experiment on the ISS. Experimentation aboard the ISS has focused on biological plant experiments using hydroponics-based systems. In a fundamental shift of approach, our Chief Science Officer Morgan Irons and a number of top researchers from leading universities will be investigating how a soil system functions in Low-Earth Orbit. Performing such an experiment will provide researchers with insight into how we could improve agriculture in extreme environments on Earth, as well as grow robust agricultural ecosystems on the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Phase one of the ISS soil experiments is scheduled to launch November 2018 with a total project cost of $82,000 USD. Of this total $75,000 is being provided by other sources. However, we can't do this project without the $7000 coming from this campaign. With every dollar you donate, you enable the equivalent project value of $12.

Donors can visit to support the campaign, earn special rewards, and learn more about the future of DSE agricultural studies aboard the ISS. Thank you.

About Deep Space Ecology (DSE): Space start-up, DSE, brings together experts who have developed an innovative system that enables food production under conditions of resource scarcity and supply chain dysfunction in even the most extreme locations. From the seed of an idea, DSE has grown into a company that seeks to cultivate a better world through robust agro-ecological systems for the deep spaces of Earth and our solar system, or for your backyard and local farms. Our mission is to make food accessible to everyone on Earth, Mars, and beyond.

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