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Solution to Assuring Your Local Food Market


Getting sufficient financing to run your farm at its full yield potential could be the hardest thing you do.

Consumer Food Retailers

Obtaining a consistent and quality supply of fresh produce year round is key to the success of your business.

How can we help?


  • Forecast your production objectives & financing needs.

  • Confirm the financing and local food retailers that you are matched to in our system.

  • Request farm services and logistics support through our local service provider network

  • PROJECT shortages and excesses in your forecast yields

  • deliver your harvest


EverCroft Icon.JPG
  • EverCroft builds risk-mitigated locality portfolios for obtaining financing from investors and banks

  • Our portfolios include diversified and unique asset classes of our farmers and our food retailers

  • We provide this financing to our farmers and food retailers to finance their operations.

  • We stabilize supply and demand using our forecast and fulfillment system.

  • We mitigate cash flow and income risk of our members by ensuring financing and hedging forecast adjustments.

Food Retailers

  • Forecast your sales objectives & financing needs.

  • Confirm the financing and local farmers that you are matched to in our system

  • Request shortage support or excess resales through our local food network


  • PROJECT your progress in meeting your forecast sales objectives

  • Serve your customers

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